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campfire chat

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campfire chat

Posted by Erin Shroll at February 28. 2007
i am terribly frustated as i cannot log onto the chat room! this does not make any sense as i was just in there today and i can do it on my own computer yet not anywhere else on campus. please let me know if there is anything i am doing wrong and i will make adjustments. i need access to write a summary about our chat today and this is my only block of time to do it before friday and the group wants it friday...thank you in advance. meanwhile i will try again from home when i get there and hope that works.
erin shroll

Re: campfire chat

Posted by Erin Shroll at February 28. 2007
i tried to erase the cookies and this did not seem to work either.

Re: campfire chat

Posted by Ashley Conrad-Saydah at March 01. 2007

hi erin,

did shaun's solutions work for you?  also, if you haven't already, you might want to try firefox or safari (mac only) as a browser to make this work.  at least one person found that problems cropped up more with internet explorer.


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