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'People' link

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'People' link

Posted by Jason Kreitler at January 30. 2007


Just a follow-up on our conversation yesterday - I think it would be helpful to have a directory page with all enrolled students and faculty. Like the people page on the bren website, and either organized by university or alpha...?

thanks much,


Re: 'People' link

Posted by Ashley Conrad-Saydah at January 30. 2007

I'll work on it.  As soon as I have class lists from all the faculty (hint, hint faculty), I'll put it together.  Thanks for the suggestion.


Re: 'People' link

Posted by Kumar Mainali at February 01. 2007

Hi Ashley,

I am trying to log in to the chat room but the system does not recognize me. Can you help me with this?


Re: 'People' link

Posted by Ashley Conrad-Saydah at February 02. 2007

Hi Kumar,

You should have received an email invite to chat.  If not, please let me know!


Re: 'People' link

Posted by Fabrice De Clerck at February 05. 2007
Hi Ashley,

Regarding the chat, I have not received an invite to chat, however when I logged into Campfire, I saw that there is a section where the faculty will be able to include the emails of the students that are involved in that thematic group, this will permit the student to enter specific chat rooms where the themes are being discussed. Is this how this is supposed to work.

BTW - the CATIE students don't know what to make of your picture, but love it.

Re: 'People' link

Posted by Ashley Conrad-Saydah at February 05. 2007
Hi Fabrice,

I'll try to resend the invite to you--it says you're currently "pending."  And yes, you can definitely distinguish which members are in each room by clicking on the "members" link.  For now, the only restrictions I've established are for the "faculty chat" room.  I've left every other room open to members,

I wondered if my picture was a little too odd...  I was beng silly while eating Vietnamese food on my birthday last year.  I have some more normal ones somewhere, I think.

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