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Defining and describing ag. biodiversity

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  • Defining and describing ag. biodiversity

    Posted by Devan Allen McGranahan at March 21. 2007

    Hey team --

    Sorry I was unexpectedly out of contact last week. I was at a training seminar out of town and was promised an Internet connection in the house I was staying in, but alas.

    I have started a folder called "Biodiversity: Defining, etc." in our theme's workspace area. I'll be putting more literature about biodiversity, and specifically the effects on biodiversity of various Western agricultural systems, in there soon. I've added two general papers about biodiversity as of now.

    You will also find in that same folder a page entitled Biodiversity of current agro-ecosystems. I was hoping that instead of relying on e-mails and discussion board postings, we could use that page (and others like it that we can each create) as wikis to collaboratively develop our product, beginning with initial brain-storming stages.

    Surely we are all familiar with wikis: the most widely known probably being Wikis allow group members to remotely build a single document, and can be very powerful for applications exactly like our project here.

    Check out the page, and, following the basic wiki etiquette I outlined at the bottom, insert your comments and even citations, if you have them. I hope the wiki format works out.

    Talk to you all tomorrow,


  • Re: Defining and describing ag. biodiversity

    Posted by Juliann Aukema at March 22. 2007

    Hi Devan,

    Great. Thanks for posting all that. The wiki idea is also what the Farm Policy Topics is for. There's no reason we can't have multiple wikis as long as we can keep track of all of them.

    Chat soon,



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